Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two Poems

Spring Equinox

I died

I found the desire

to be lovingly touched

to not fear asking

for the love I need


after playing and crying

after dancing with the child

I never allowed myself

to be

She entered my womb

and made




Walking with Elijah

It was so cold out but we
put on our coats and went
out the door. Ready to move
he walked far ahead
and I shouted, Wait!

I put on my music
and walked to the beat
I caught up.
He took my hand
His was cold but he
was so happy to be
walking with me

His joy bled deep
into my soul and
I wanted to sing
I wanted to dance

What defines him is
that beautiful ability
to revel in simple pleasure
to walk along
just happy to be

I realized
we can have
these perfect moments often
every day if we remember
to greet the world with
simple joy

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Poems for the last few days

March 11th poem of the day:

They are smiles
they are squirms
they are joy
wrapped in a small package

when you get older
and you can't have your own
all you want to do is hold
other mothers' babies

because they are soft
because they are joy
wrapped in a small package

March 12:

Making a story

Today instead of writing a story
I made one
with my hands

I molded, I cut, I folded
I sewed and I drew

And before my eyes I created a story
It was beautiful

March 13th


Some days you wake up stressed out
after a night full of dreaming about
things that make no sense in the morning

Coffee spills instead of going in your cup
the breakfast you made burns
and the children won't get up

You cheer when they get to school finally
thinking, now I can rest
but when you get home, some new crisis
comes in. And rather than welcome it
You get more stressed

The children come home from school
and won't do homework or clean up
the many messes they make throughout the afternoon
they argue and push and pull

The stress mounts as they are refusing the good food
you hoped would calm everyone and make them happier
then instead of baths they run screaming from you
and fight with each other

After all you want is for them to go to bed
and they won't, instead they are running
running into walls, running in the house
jumping on the furniture
Loud, Loud, Loud!

Eventually they do go to bed, though
and you can sit and write this poem
and pretend things were worse than they
really were.

It was really just another day in the life
of a crazy, amazing, awesome single mom.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I took my time
I learned
I grew
I changed, slowly

One day I stopped being scared
So I began again
renewed, different, but accepting
of what will come

Then something came
and I grow exasperated
because finally
fire, passion

and I am terrified
of getting burned
I am filled with scarlet visions
of forked branching paths

Which one to take?
Why do they all lead to more
branches of choices
I must make

Head spinning
heart racing
nail biting
now shove my hand in the fire!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9th, 2013

Big Basin

Primeval Forest
the trees tower, rising
toward a sun dappled sky
redwood trees with
deeply furrowed beaten bark
rise around me

At their base they have
large, furry, bush like
fern flat leaves
trees who birth straight
out of their substance
no seeds or fire needed

The paths covered with sun and shade
and soft brown needles,
walking barefoot, wishing to be sky clad
to walk the paths
honor my primal journey

I reach a stream, a beauty
filled with boulders and smooth rocks
that landscapers wish for when
fixing up a garden

Here falls naturally, water
wearing the rocks, flowing
over, laughing water
on the other side lies a destiny

And all I see everywhere is trees
Primal, old, tall and perfect
while walking I feel
so peaceful and calm
as if I have entered paradise
so I worship these trees who walk me
towards a destiny

Then Surprise!
Like humans, trees can produce
mutant white babies, albino small
rare branch in the midst of the green babies
redwood needles that look like bleached ferns

there on that tree, a yellow slug,
bright and ugly, but so beautiful
as if this forest alone produced
a world alone, a new place
in the middle of the

Primeval Forest
walking here is to feel earth
walking here is to feel spirit
walking here, I appreciate the amazing creations
walking here, I walk my destiny in meditations

Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8th Poems

March 8 poems:

A Poem A Day

A poem a day
allowing words to flow
out of the rivers
of read blood
onto a white lined
empty page

Knowledge flowing out
of an aquarian ewer
forming images
flowing rivers of melodious
not harmonious words

Earth Goddess

I lumber
carrying my belly
across the plains
ready to bring life
ready to have milk
flow into the grounds
bringing life out of rocks
forth from my belly

I lumber
slow, sinking like liquid fire
into my earth
my body
I hold my beauty high
smiling at all I make

I am mother, daughter, sister, wife
earth, air, fire and water
milk and honey

As I lumber
through my earth
I feed life
I create
I give my fluid
for all the children
the fruit of my being

I lumber
and they live

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let them Fly

She has to FLY
Little bird, struggles and feeds
She has to fly, away and high
Little girl, eating her words
She has to fly, away and high

She can’t be stopped;
She can’t hold back
She must go fly, don’t let her
Struggle on the ground for purchase
She must flap those fairy wings and
Shine, shine, going lightly
Awesome flying power, the wind
Lifts her, her life waves her on
And she flies, she soars, her soul
Rainbow fairy colored jewel boxes of
Love gained.

Walking with Sylvia

I took a walk today

Sometimes I sunk down into the mud

Sometimes I flew up among the trees

The earth became a part of me as I became a part of the whole

Earth wide, feet long, sunlight glinting in my eyes

The trees tall and swaying with long strands of moss

Every skyward look and earthbound glance

Served to bring my feet into the earth as I waltzed

And wondered in the wood

Symbolic pathways of my brain, forming

Long winding complicated mountain turns, foaming

Seamlessly and lazily down and up

Flying yet again in porous ground

Swimming in fragrant air, the distant

Sounds of cars and people and barking dogs

A backdrop in the small wooded oasis of my soul