Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two Poems

Spring Equinox

I died

I found the desire

to be lovingly touched

to not fear asking

for the love I need


after playing and crying

after dancing with the child

I never allowed myself

to be

She entered my womb

and made




Walking with Elijah

It was so cold out but we
put on our coats and went
out the door. Ready to move
he walked far ahead
and I shouted, Wait!

I put on my music
and walked to the beat
I caught up.
He took my hand
His was cold but he
was so happy to be
walking with me

His joy bled deep
into my soul and
I wanted to sing
I wanted to dance

What defines him is
that beautiful ability
to revel in simple pleasure
to walk along
just happy to be

I realized
we can have
these perfect moments often
every day if we remember
to greet the world with
simple joy

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