Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8th Poems

March 8 poems:

A Poem A Day

A poem a day
allowing words to flow
out of the rivers
of read blood
onto a white lined
empty page

Knowledge flowing out
of an aquarian ewer
forming images
flowing rivers of melodious
not harmonious words

Earth Goddess

I lumber
carrying my belly
across the plains
ready to bring life
ready to have milk
flow into the grounds
bringing life out of rocks
forth from my belly

I lumber
slow, sinking like liquid fire
into my earth
my body
I hold my beauty high
smiling at all I make

I am mother, daughter, sister, wife
earth, air, fire and water
milk and honey

As I lumber
through my earth
I feed life
I create
I give my fluid
for all the children
the fruit of my being

I lumber
and they live

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