Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9th, 2013

Big Basin

Primeval Forest
the trees tower, rising
toward a sun dappled sky
redwood trees with
deeply furrowed beaten bark
rise around me

At their base they have
large, furry, bush like
fern flat leaves
trees who birth straight
out of their substance
no seeds or fire needed

The paths covered with sun and shade
and soft brown needles,
walking barefoot, wishing to be sky clad
to walk the paths
honor my primal journey

I reach a stream, a beauty
filled with boulders and smooth rocks
that landscapers wish for when
fixing up a garden

Here falls naturally, water
wearing the rocks, flowing
over, laughing water
on the other side lies a destiny

And all I see everywhere is trees
Primal, old, tall and perfect
while walking I feel
so peaceful and calm
as if I have entered paradise
so I worship these trees who walk me
towards a destiny

Then Surprise!
Like humans, trees can produce
mutant white babies, albino small
rare branch in the midst of the green babies
redwood needles that look like bleached ferns

there on that tree, a yellow slug,
bright and ugly, but so beautiful
as if this forest alone produced
a world alone, a new place
in the middle of the

Primeval Forest
walking here is to feel earth
walking here is to feel spirit
walking here, I appreciate the amazing creations
walking here, I walk my destiny in meditations

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